Membership Subscription Plans.

We have various membership subscription plans available.

Just simply choose the best option for yourself from the ones below and contact us. Furthermore, if you are on private medical aid schemes, you can claim back your monthly subscriptions as Medical Aid Rebates.

Our Daily Membership Subscription is N$80-00 per Day

Below are our various Membership Subscription Plans.

Children 5 - 14 Years

N$180 Per Month
  • One Person
  • Payable monthly
  • Cash or Card direct Payment

Students over 10 Years

N$250 per month
  • Students
  • Children > 10 Years
  • Also Available for Pensioners >60 years

Normal Membership

N$460 Per month
  • One Person
  • Payable monthly
  • Cash or Card Payment

6 Month Debit Order

N$400 Per Month
  • One Person
  • Payable monthly
  • Direct From your Account

Concerned about group discounts for Companies?

Monthly Subscriptions are N$300 per person for all companies with more than 10 employees who join.

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